Become a Member

Preference is given to Maroondah rate payers but members of the broader community may also apply for a plot.

Get a plot imageWe currently have no plots available for the 2016/2017 season.

Please contact the member secretary to arrange a visit or to register your interest for next season.

The Club has currently developed 108 x 30m2 plots, 5 x 15m2 plots, together with 5 raised 'Mini' plots approximately 3m x 1.5m. for people with health, disability or mobility restrictions. New members may have one plot.

The Ringwood Community Garden year runs from 1st July to 30th June.

There is a one off joining fee and key deposit of $70 and an annual rental of $50 per 30m2plot, $20 per 15m2 plot and $10 for a raised plot.

Annual Plot Fees of $50 a plot are payable on June 30th each year and Pro Rata fees operate from January 1st. If joining after that date, new members pay only $30 per plot up until April 30th. This is reduced to $10 from May 1st through to the end of June each year when the Club year finishes.

A seasonal 'pumpkin' plot fee of $15 applies to members wishing to use any spare plots that may be available to grow pumpkins. Pumpkin plots must be vacated and returned to the plot pool at the end of each pumpkin season.

The club is administered by a committee drawn from the membership and elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).