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Horticultural Therapy Conference visits the Garden.

Horticultural Therapy Conference visitors














Participants in this year's annual Horticultural Therapy Conference visited

the Ringwood Community Garden spending time looking at the facilities,

discussing developments and asking questions.


New Plots developed

New Plots














We have recently developed several new 15m2 and 30m2 plots along our western boundary.


Gardening Australia on ABC1 - John Patrick visits Ringwood Community Garden

Gardening Australia filmingJohn Patrick visits Ringwood Community Garden to get ideas for his own plot and discovers a unique method for watering vegies and a gardener growing subtropical vegetables in Melbourne.

Click on a link to view the episode. and Click on Episode-25-2010

30 years celebrated in Gardening Australia Magazine August 2010 issue

Gardening Australia Magazine cover

The long awaited feature on John Patrick's visit to Ringwood Community Garden has appeared in the August edition of Gardening Australia Magazine. We have a three page spread with plenty of photos, one particularly good one of Arthur. The Gardening Australia TV segment on the Garden is now scheduled for the August 7th show.





ABC's International Channel, Australia Network "My Australia"

My Australia segment at the Garden

The program segment involving Fay spending a day at the Ringwood Community Garden went to air as part of Episode 10. Fay is seen watering, digging spuds, swinging a mattock, mowing, eating blackberries and discussing the Garden and cultivation methods with members of the Garden.





Our Cameo on Catalyst

Catalyst - Dr Phillips

Ringwood Community Garden provided the backdrop for Catalyst's Dr Graham Phillips to introduce a segment on Toxic Crops broadcast on Thursday 6 May 2010.






Bar-be-que ~ Celebrates 30 Years

New Season BBQ

ABC Catalyst Science Program films at Ringwood Community Garden

Catalyst logoThe Catalyst team spent several hours at Ringwood Community Garden filming a segment linking into an item on the impending problems of feeding the world's increasing population. Demand for food will double in the next 20 years. Whilst land cannot be found to achieve this there may be other solutions.



30th Anniversary Reported in Hansard

Heidi Victoria

Heidi Victoria - MLA for Bayswater - visited the Ringwood Community Garden during the Open Garden weekend and was so impressed with what she saw that she described the Ringwood Community Garden as a "fantastic place for adults and kids to get back to nature, grow their own delicious vegies and learn more about the environment." Assemby Hansard -Tuesday 2nd February 2010, p. 31




Maroondah Councillors Visit the Ringwood Community Garden

Councillor Thomas

We were delighted that Councillors Fraser and Thomas were able to visit during our 30th Anniversary. They both spent some time talking to members and offered congratulations on the developments that have taken place since our relocation.




Fay's Garden Day

Fay and SophieABC's International Channel, Australia Network recently filmed a segment with visiting Fijian post graduate student Fay for the "My Australia" program which "looks at Australia through the eyes of people from the Asia Pacific region who are studying or living here. Each week they ... undertake a new activity to find out more about Australia and come away with a greater understanding of how Australians live, work and play". Fay spent time mingling with gardeners, discussing cultivation techniques and different plants. She pitched in with the work picking produce, mowing, watering, digging spuds and swinging the mattock and left laden with produce and happy memories of a great day in the sun and the pleasant surrounds of Ringwood Community Garden.


Gardening Australia at the Plot

Gardening Australia LogoThe Gardening Australia television crew spent all day filming a segment which focussed on the wide variety of progation techniques being applied at the Ringwood Community Garden. John Patrick spoke with Trevor about growing thornless blackberries, Sri about chillis, John about his varied edible sub-tropical plants and Rob about his application Peter Andrews Natural Sequence Farming ideas to domestic horticulture.




Gardening Australia Magazine at the Plot

Gardening Australia LogoGardening Australia Magazine spent the morning at the Ringwood Community Garden's 30th Anniversary weekend. John Patrick spoke with several members and Open Garden visitors in the course of the morning collecting information and ideas for an article in the upcoming edition of Gardening Australia Magazine. The February 2010 edition features an article on setting up community gardens by Jerry Coleby-Williams



 30th Anniversary Garden Open Garden Celebrations

30 yearsThe weekend celebrated a "Generation of Gardening and generations of Gardeners" with several hundred members of the public, Gardening Australia magazine, politicians and local councillors all enjoying the opportunity to visit, share, discuss and learn about the joys of 'growing your own' from members of what is possibly one of the oldest community gardens in Australia. Have a look at these excellent photos of the days' activities by clicking here.



I love Coimmunity Gardens T-shirtsI Love Community Gardens T-shirts

Several people enquired where they could purchase these T-shirts. They may be purchased on-line via Northcote Community Gardens website who sell them as a fund raiser.




Out Doors visitorsOut Doors Inc - Visit

Several members of Fitzroy's Out Doors Inc visited the Ringwood Community Garden and spent a pleasant break investigating the plots. Much discussion revolved around plant names, propogation methods, taste likes and dislikes whilst some left happily vowing to try the broad bean seeds they'd picked next season



Singapore visitorsSingapore Community Garden Project - Visit

Ng Cheow Kheng, Assistant Director National Parks Board of Singapore, and Mohamad Azmi Shahbudin, head of Singapore's Community in Bloom program, visited the Ringwood Community Garden as part of a study tour investigating how community and therapeutic horticulture programs and activities operate across Melbourne. Their current roles focus on the promotion and development of community education and training programs across Singapore.


HMAA LaurelsOur website - a nominee for the prestigious 2009 Horticultural Media Association Australia Laurel Awards for Excellence

Awarded for "Outstanding achievement in communicating through a website or CD Rom" which is user friendly, innovative and original, has accurate information, visual appeal and is of value to its users. The 2009 award was taken out by the Yates website from a very strong field with the judges noting that all nominations in this category were of an exceptionally high standard.

Wantirna Secondary College VCAL students visit Ringwood Community Garden

VCAL VisitSeveral Wantirna Secondary College students undertaking the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) recently visited the Ringwood Community Garden in preparation for a design project being undertaken as part of their studies. They explored the Garden and gained an insight into the preparation and planning that has gone into the development of our current facilities.




Visit by University of Melbourne Masters Students

Master of Urban Horticulture students Visit










Master of Urban Horticulture students from the University of Melboure visited the Garden on May 29th as part of their studies into social and therapeutic horticulture. They spent quite some time exploring the garden and discussing aspects of our activities.


Chris Pearce MP presents Ringwood Community Gardeners with a Certificate of Congratulations

Hon. Chris Pearce MP grant presentation

Ringwood Community Garden received a Commonwealth volunteers grant which the Hon. Chris Pearce recently formalised with a presentation at the Garden. He was most impressed with the developments that had occurred since his last visit and commented upon the obvious enthusiasm of our members.




Ringwood Community Gardeners do their bit to support the Bushfire Appeal

Bushfire Relief StallCongratulations to everyone involved in supporting this worthy cause. At the suggestion of committee members, Martin and Helen, a successful produce collection bar-be-que was organised to coincide with the local Farmers Market day. Financial support and donations of produce by members raised close to $500!!

What an outstanding effort!


Two New Tanks Sponsored by the Bank of Queensland - Ringwood

New Tanks from Bank Of Queensland

During a converstation with Bank of Queensland's Ringwood owner-manager Adriaan, Ringwood Community Garden member Carina provided an insight into the problems of maintaining a viable vegetable plot with current water restrictions. This resulted in an approach by Adriaan to sponsor additional water tanks as part of the Bank of Queensland's Local Support Scheme. The additional tanks will provide 2270 litres each, supplementing the existing tank and providing much needed water harvesting infrastructure for the Garden.


Probing Sustainability at the Plots

Bernadette and David Hodges

Bernadette from Sustainable Living Space Project and David Hodgett MLA came probing the organisation and practices of the Ringwood Community Garden. Both were impressed by what they saw and by the obvious enthusiasm and dedication of our members and the inclusiveness of our membership. Residents of Maroondah, Manningham and surrounding areas may get more information about the Project by following this link or by contacting



Focussing on Community Care

Care North Ringwood

North Ringwood Care's Derek is passionate about supporting people in difficult times and encouraging them to seek opportunities to overcome hardships. Care provides emergency food relief, referral and support in the Ringwood area and Derek came to Ringwood Community Garden seeking information and advice on setting a vegetable growing resource in place within Care. He was also enthusiastic about the potential support our Community Plots might provide Care's emergency food bank.



From Sunny Queensland to Ringwood Community Garden's Autumnal Weather

BOQ Visit

David, Carlo and Ralph met with Bank of Queensland Ringwood owner-manager Adriaan, and Regional Manager, David to discuss an innovative partnership between the two groups. They discussed facilities development projects and examined the vital importance of the future of Ringwood Community Garden to its members, and both its educative and social significance within Maroondah, Knox and the wider community.

Pictured are BOQ Regional Manager David, and BOQ Ringwood Branch Manager Adriaan with RCG Chairman, David.

Revised Watering Times for Tuesday

South East WaterSouth East Water has allowed members to water from 7.00am to 9.00am on Tuesday which accommodates members who were struggling to maintain plots because of work commitments. This change came into effect as of 2nd May, 2008. Saturday watering remains unchanged from 8.00am to 10.00am.


Dibble and Hoeing into the Ringwood Community Garden

Dibble and Hoe

Several members of Croydon's Dibble and Hoe Garden Club visited the Ringwood Community Garden taking time to chat to members about crops and organic cultivation methods.





Supporting Community and Therapeutic Horticulture at Melbourne University, Burnley

Burnley TalkThe course has been developed through a partnership between the Horticultural Therapy Association of Victoria , Cultivating Community and Burnley Campus, University of Melbourne. As part of this course Ann from 'Dig In' (not pictured), Ralph and community development officer Amadis each spoke to students of the Faculty of Land and Food Resources on aspects of developing a range of very different community gardens.



Aspiring at Arrabri

Bayswater North Community House


Robyn visited recently seeking inspiration on setting up a community house garden resource in Bayswater North.




Hung(a)ry to Learn about Melbourne's Community Gardening


Dorottya, who is undertaking a Masters Degree in Environmental Sciences, Management and Policy, is currently visiting Melbourne from Hungary and interviewing Community gardeners on the direction of urban agriculture. She spent several hours speaking to our members about their interest in domestic horticulture and what they saw as its future and its benefits.


Leading them Up the Pumpkin Path....

Pre School Pumpkins

Members recently donated pumpkins of various sizes and forms to set up a display at Ellie V. Pullin Pre-School in North Ringwood. This has been very successful. It fits in with the autumn theme the teachers are using in their program. The children asked "Are they real?", "Can we eat them?"... and are now going to make pumpkin soup.



Local MP, Shaun Leane, visits the Ringwood Community Garden and commends us to the Legislative Council

Shaun Leane

The member for Eastern Metropolitan Region, Shaun Leane MP, recently visited the Ringwood Community Garden, to discuss our Community Event of the Year nomination and inspect our facilities. As a result of his visit, Mr Leane drew our nomination to the attention of the Upper House (Hansard, 12th March, 2008) commending "everyone involved in that great facility" and also commented upon his enjoyment of some fine organic produce!


Shaun Leane samples organic produce

From the Village to the Plot

Students from the Croydon Village School accompanied their teacher and parents on a visit to our Garden where they learnt about growing vegetables. Everyone helped dig potatoes and picked produce in preparation for a meal once they got back to school. The enthusiasm and interest of these young horticulturalists was a pleasure to behold.


Tour of the Ringwood Communty Garden - From Burundi via Whittlesea

Whittlesea Visit


As part of The Whittlesea Community Engagement project (WCEP) Whittlesea Community Connections arranged a visit to Ringwood Community Garden. Expatriots of Central African Burundi, the visitors spent time walking through the Garden, discussing cultivation and differing plant uses.



Rainwater Harvesting - South East Water's Tank Installed

South East Water Tank

South East Water has sponsored the installation of a 4500 litre rainwater tank at Ringwood Community Garden to enhance the water conservation practices being undertaken by members. On Thursday, 20th December, the installation of the rain water tank was undertaken by South East Water. Final hook up has since been completed and the first trickle of rain has gone in.



Ben Checks out the New Pathway to the Raised Beds


Sport and Recreation for Disabled Children's (SRDC) Ben visited the Ringwood Community Garden and trialled the new access path to the Raised Beds. For further information about the SRDC and its activities ring (03) 9702 2621.



Maroondah Council Spreads the Goods at the Ringwood Community Garden

Spreading the stones

In mid August the Maroondah Council organised for several cubic metres of recycled road aggregate to be delivered to the Ringwood Community Garden, then continued their ongoing assistance of the Garden by arranging for the veritable mullock heaps to be spread the full length of the driveway, across the entry area and into the parking spaces in front of the Garden entrance. Our heartfelt thanks for this wonderful support.



Sprouting New Ideas visit by City of Casey residents

City of Casey Sprouting New Ideas visit

As part of its Sprouting New Ideas program the City of Casey arranged a visit to several Community gardens including the Ringwood Community Garden. Nearly 15 interested residents spent time walking through the Garden and talking to Community Gardeners. They hope to enliven the green revolution within their own communities by promoting the development of local community gardening.



Ringwood Community Garden receives the Horticultural Therapy Association of Victoria's J. D. Bone Award for 2007

The Ringwood Community Garden has been successful in winning the 2007 J. D. Bone Trust grant to fund the construction of pathways to and around the raised garden beds.

Ringwood Community Garden Website awarded The Webuilders TS Gold Award

Gold Award

The site was judged on content, functionality, graphics and usefulness to the general public.





City Farms and Community Gardens Network Conference - 2007

Conference logo

2007 City farms and Community Gardens ConferenceFriday afternoon Plenary speakers at the Community Gardens Workshop included Charles and Ralph from Ringwood Community Garden, Rob from Veg Out, Les from Garden of Eden and Cultivating Community's Ben Neil. Listen to these speakers via this Ceres Audio Presentation and view all conference sessions by following this Link



VicUrban Community Projects Manager Discusses Ringwood Community Garden's Set Up

Peter Crowley VicUrban


VicUrban manager, Peter Crowley, sought ideas for a community garden development being considered for outer urban Melbourne




Local MLA, Heidi Victoria, Visits the Ringwood Community Garden

Heidi Victoria discusses Charles' vegetables


The member for Bayswater, Heidi Victoria MLA,
spent an enjoyable 90 minutes visiting the Ringwood Community Garden, discussing issues and inspecting our plots.



Heidi Victoria MLA inspects Charles' plots

Maroondah Festival, 2007

Maroondah Festival Stall 2007: Photo David W.

The 'Taste of Summer' 25th Anniversary Open Garden Days - February 2007

285 people visited our plots with the common reaction being "Inspirational." We were delighted to have gardening writers and 3CR presenters Pam Vardy and Gwen Elliot visit the Ringwood Community Garden, together with Open Garden Selector Beth Henwood, Pam Morgan from Australian City Farms & Community Gardens Network and Maroondah Councillor, Natalie Thomas.

Vasili's Garden

Vasili admires Arthur's tomato

Ringwood Community Garden appeared on Vasili's Garden